new peugeot 2008: standard specification across the range, from active trim. All-New 2008 SUV. Peugeot is just one of these automakers clamoring to get a hold of the market with their new Peugeot 2008. Boxer Van. Vous avez choisi le nouveau SUV Peugeot 2008 : Compact et polyvalent au design exaltant, il vous offrira une expérience de conduite étendue. Just imagine it as a hardcore Dakar racer. Peugeot is back on form with new 2008 GT-Line - it's sharp, spacious and refined If you remember, Clarkson and May drove around, crashing into things, in a 307 CC and 407. ALL-NEW PEUGEOT 2008 SUV EQUIPMENT AND TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 5 ALL-NEW PEUGEOT 2008 SUV TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION TECHNICAL INFORMATION Engine 1.2L Puretech 130 1.2L Puretech 155 Engine type 3 cylinder petrol turbo Cubic capacity (cm3) 1199 Maximum power (kW @ rpm) 96 @ 5500 114 @ 5500 Maximum torque (Nm @ rpm) 230 @ 1750 240 @ 1750 Great blame for this is the front in which the prominent grill takes center stage. VIEW PASSENGER CARS. Peugeot’s new 2008 arrives in Australia with cutting edge tech but a bump in price too. VIEW ALL MODELS. All-new PEUGEOT e-2008 SUV is fitted with an acoustic vehicle alerting system operating at speeds up to 18 mph. Peugeot e-2008 Peugeot Sport Engineered – C’est acté. The second-generation Peugeot 2008 is assembled at parent PSA Group's facility in Vigo, Spain. 5008 SUV. Le prix de base pour la version 1.2 PureTech 100 ch Active avoisinera les 22 000 €. 508. Encompassing emphatic style with a sportier look, and complemented with vibrant new paint finishes and further innovative technology, this is an SUV built with strength and character. It seems you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to own a great looking crossover these days because you will soon be able to order the pretty new Peugeot 2008. Introducing our brand new Peugeot 2008 SUV. 5008 SUV. Escape the ordinary in the all-new PEUGEOT 2008, the versatile SUV designed with your lifestyle in mind: with PEUGEOT 3D i-Cockpit®, next generation technology, and a selection of powerful, fuel efficient engines.. january 2021: e & oe version 2. e&oe january 2021. for further information talk to your local peugeot dealer or see A sprightlier Peugeot Sport version might just follow in time. Le Lion abandonne l’ensemble de ses activités en compétition pour développer des modèles hautes performances , au sein de sa gamme. Le Peugeot 2008 de seconde génération débutera sa carrière commerciale au mois de janvier 2020. Both hideous cars. All-New 2008 SUV. Everything you need to know on one page! The new 2008 is part of Peugeot’s strategy to offer a common package for which you then choose an engine to suit your needs. NEW PEUGEOT 2008 et e-2008 : la presse exaltée. all-new peugeot 2008 prices, equipment, options & technical specifications. Peugeot 2008 NEW Offres & bons plans Tarifs Hors Bonus Malus , valables pour toute commande jusqu'au 30/12/2020 12 heures , sauf si jours féries en France et à l'étranger, et/ou fermetures exceptionnelless ou congés annuels Partner Van. With its lane positioning system i and the adaptive speed regulator with the Stop & Go i feature, it automatically adapts your speed to the match the car in front, maintaining a safe stopping distance. Discover the all-new PEUGEOT e-2008: the fully electric versatile SUV. Enhance and personalise your new PEUGEOT thanks to an extensive selection of accessories across the range. The new Peugeot 2008 was an easy pick for the brand’s local arm. Highly regarded by New Zealand's top motoring journalists, the PEUGEOT 2008 … Expert Van. Peugeot know a thing or two when it comes to creating engines, it's why they've won numerous awards. 308. VIEW SUVs. So, at each of the four trim levels there’s the option of a petrol, a diesel or full EV version, all of them competitive in terms of running costs according to their intended use. Browse Peugeot 2008 for Sale (New and Used) listings on, the latest Peugeot news, reviews and car information. Place your order today for the all-new e-2008 enjoy a free Mode 2 Domestic Charging Cable or subsidised Wallbox and free 6-month charging subscription. The new 2008 is clearly part of Peugeot and Berjaya’s plans. 3008 SUV. Available at your PEUGEOT dealer. Le design reprend les éléments de style de la Peugeot 3008 II, avec notamment la signature lumineuse arrière et le bandeau noir. 3008 SUV. The obvious change from the previous generation responds to the adoption of the new design language of the brand by this B-SUV. VIEW SMALL CARS. This review of the new Peugeot 2008 contains photos, videos and expert opinion to help you choose the right car. The supported rear of the new PEUGEOT 2008 SUV with its glossy black cross strip is enhanced by a spoiler and chrome-finished double exhaust tailpipe, which finish off its shape perfectly. The new 2008 SUV’s interior has been designed and crafted with your lifestyle in mind. Check out the Peugeot 2008 review from carwow. The new Peugeot 2008 2021 offers a more serious and muscular image than the previous generation. PEUGEOT i-COCKPIT® The compact sports steering wheel sits lower than a traditional design and means that your arms are both lower and closer together. Présentation. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the seemingly angry new Peugeot 2008: a sort of jacked-up 208 hatch, battling the burgeoning class of mini-SUVs.Like its Unsurprisingly, the latest generation of those excellent BlueHDi diesel and PureTech petrol engines are available in the All-new 2008 SUV, with up to 155 bhp available for those who require a bit of spice in their lives. Output of the new version of the subcompact crossover is expected to … Peugeot 2008 2021. In addition to the brand’s signature rear LED lights, the 3 claws lit up day and night boost its technological prowess and the visibility of the vehicle. The model will be unveiled in March at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The new PEUGEOT 2008 compact SUV contains the brand’s latest technology, like PEUGEOT Drive Assist Plus i which provide a semi-driverless experience. “It is our plan in the near future to introduce our global successes such as the all new Peugeot 2008 in Malaysia. New Peugeot 2008 prototype review Inside, the 2008 carries most of its layout over from the 208, and it’s a cabin which, in terms of both design and quality, puts most of its rivals to shame. PEUGEOT 2008 SUV. La seconde génération de 2008 (code interne P24) est dévoilée le 19 juin 2019 à Aubervilliers.La 2008 n'est plus un break surélevé mais devient un crossover [2].. standard specification. The new Peugeot 2008 has been priced from £20,150 in the UK. New 2020 Peugeot 2008 review We test electric and ICE models Less mini-MPV, more baby SUV . Découvrez le nouveau Peugeot 2008, le SUV compact et polyvalent au design exaltant, offrant une expérience de conduite étendue, avec l'innovant Peugeot i-Cockpit® 3D, des technologies haut de gamme et un choix de motorisations performantes et efficientes, en thermique et en électrique. PURETECH PETROL The all-new 2008 PEUGEOT compact SUV is equipped with the latest generation Euro 6 PureTech petrol engines, providing improved fuel consumption, driving pleasure and great performance. Enjoy the unexpected sensations of electric driving and explore the many advantages of a new, fuel-free way of travelling. Le nouveau Peugeot 2008 et sa version 100 % électrique e-2008 ont fait leur première grande sortie Européenne au Salon de l’Auto de Bruxelles en ce début d’année 2020. 308.